With RP Industries' packaging solutions, you ensure your products have the best protection when on the move.

We believe in making package solutions with our customers' front of mind.

That is why our quality policy is reliability, consistency & responsiveness.

We are committed to excellence and customer service satisfaction. We ensure every order is made on time, with the same high-quality consistency and responds quickly to our customer’s requirements.


With 27 years of manufacturing experience, we create packaging solutions tailored to your business needs. As your products evolve, so does your packaging. We have the expertise and resources to meet your changing requirements.

We are specialists in corrugated cardboard boxes. Our main box types are:

  1. Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes
  2. Custom Printed Inner Boxes
  3. Paperboard Shipping Pallets.

Our family-owned business, established in 1995, is committed to investing in our services to provide customers with timely and high-quality solutions.

We are committed to doing every job right for our customers, because we know that their trust is our most valuable asset.